International Solutions

Todd Associates is a Partner with Globex International Group and its 300 international Partners and Correspondents. Within that global partnership, we deliver the following services in over 130 countries:

Our combined expertise helps you manage a variety of international risks, examples of which include:

    • Investment Banking / Fund Management

      Let’s say a fund manager utilizes a network of international investment bankers to identify potential investors in a variety of countries. The fund manager is concerned that if an investor sues an investment banker, the marketer/finder will not have the appropriate coverage to respond to the investor’s claim – this, in turn, could result in a hit against the fund manager’s liability insurance policies.

      To address the fund manager’s concerns, Todd/Globex works with a variety of our international partners to craft insurance products for our client’s investment bankers. The policies are then purchased through our foreign insurance brokerage partners, who report back to Todd/Globex and confirm the placement of coverage.


    • Health Insurance

      What if you’re poised to purchase a foreign company that has health insurance through a local broker?

      Since neither you nor we understand the always changing intricacies of the health insurance market of a foreign country, we bring in one of our Globex Partners to perform a Benefits Assessment of the health insurance plan carried by the foreign subsidiary. The Assessment identifies areas where we can improve coverage and cost.

      We then deliver the health insurance plan to a local partner. The partner fixes any issues and reports back to us on a regular basis according to procedures.


    • International Expansion Due Diligence

      Scenario: You’re poised to open a manufacturing location overseas. How will you assess the costs, risk, and liabilities of opening the facility in a specific city? Without performing due diligence, you could end up incurring more risk – not to mention higher costs – than you bargained for.

      Before you pursue an international expansion, Todd/Globex will deliver a Country Report, which covers:

      1. The property and liability risks, their level of severity, and compliance issues
      2. Projected health insurance issues and employee benefits costs
      3.  A detailed explanation of insurance types, the different options available at home and overseas, projected costs, and a management proposal

      Our comprehensive international solutions cater to a variety of insurance and risk management goals. Contact one of our experienced advisors to discuss the coverage, health insurance plan, or due diligence report that fits your objectives