EB5 Regional Centers

Over the past six years we have become the most recognized provider of liability insurance solutions for EB-5 Regional Centers. To date, we developed liability insurance programs for dozens of Regional Center operators who have collectively raised nearly $5B in EB5 capital. We have built our reputation in the EB-5 community based on the following:

1. Experience

We didn’t find out about this business yesterday. Since 2010, we’ve negotiated and structured over 100 insurance policies for a wide variety of regional centers of various size and structure, including those who are owned or affiliated a developer, governmental entity, or non-profit.

2. Verifiable Track Record

The vast majority of our clients carried insurance which was placed through another broker prior to doing business with us. We have many who can attest to our ability to address coverage issues that are particular to this industry and a regional center’s unique profile that have been overlooked by some of the largest insurance brokerages in the world.

3. Underwriting

Not only do we have access to the right insurance carriers, we have the right underwriters at those carriers who have faith in our ability to separate the good guys from the cowboys.

4. Risk Management

Our services don’t begin and end with insurance. We are called on several times a week to assist with project due diligence and the design or negotiation of insurance requirements for borrowers, developers, unrelated NCE managers (“rent-a-centers”), etc.

Our EB-5 team is headed by David Souders who was recently elected to the Board of Directors of The Association to Invest In the USA (IIUSA). For more information, feel free to call David at David Souders at 440-461-1101.