Todd Associates Supports Aids Taskforce of Greater Cleveland

November 1, 2011 - Todd Associates, Inc. finished in 8th Place in last week’s final round of the 2011 Chubb Charity Challenge. Winning $20,000 for The Aids Task Force of Greater Cleveland, the Todd Associates team included Ned Hyland (Todd Associates, Inc.), Tim Fitzpatrick (Todd Associates, Inc.), Randy Cumley (Todd Associates, Inc.), Steven Oh (Chubb Insurance) and Leonard Defino ( AJD Holding Company).

The final round of the 2011 Chubb Charity Challenge took place in Naples, Florida at the Tiburon Golf Club and featured teams from around the country. Each team qualified for the event by competing against local insurance agents and brokers from their region.  Ned Hyland, President of Todd Associates, stated “We are very proud to be able to come home with $20,000 to support a charity which directly helps some of the most in-need members of our community”.

The AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland provides a compassionate and collaborative response to the needs of people infected, affected and at risk of HIV/AIDS.  This is accomplished through leadership in prevention, education, supportive services and advocacy. To learn more about the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland please visit

This is Todd Associates second trip to the national tournament, in 2009 they won the North East Ohio Tournament in support of the  Diana Hyland Miracle Fund, a charity which supports Advanced Breast Cancer Research and is named in honor of Ned Hyland’s late wife, Diana. Todd Associates is not qualified to compete in the National Tournament next year as they cannot win two years in a row, but they are sure to be in the running for the 2013 Chubb Charity Challenge.