Opportunity Zones

Despite the best disclosures written by the best securities and tax attorneys, it will not be out of the norm for a QOF manager to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit that could cost seven figures to defend and settle. You can transfer this risk and we can help.

Insurance Experts for your Qualified Opportunity Zones

We have a unique understanding of the types of claims faced by QOF Managers and how to address these exposures using insurance products and risk transfer strategies. Although the Opportunity Zone space is relatively new, we have already delivered solutions for QOF managers which addressed flaws contained in off-the-shelf insurance products. In addition to providing insurance solutions to QOF managers, we also provide assistance with designing insurance and surety requirements which contemplate the necessary coverages needed when tax-benefits are at risk.

Team of Insurance Experts that design Specialized Insurance Programs

Our OZ team is headed by David Souders who has a specialization in providing insurance and risk management solutions for companies involved in the offering and management of alternative investments. Over the past fifteen years, David has created a variety of insurance programs designed for the unique risks faced by managers of several specific types of investment funds. David’s background includes designing insurance solutions for NMTC and EB-5 related exposures. David is currently serving his second term on the board of Invest in the USA (National EB-5 trade association).

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